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Soda Flavors

For whatever event you have on the menu, your guests sure are going to enjoy a selection with diversity. Fortunately, Custom Soda Labels offers 12 unique flavors that are guaranteed to bring down the house. From old-timey Sarsaparilla to the tropical taste of our Refreshing Pineapple, everyone from your curmudgeonly old grandmother to your best friend’s extremely picky child are sure to find something they love.

Please take a look at our flavors and pick out the best selection for your gift, event, or just straight up pleasure!

DISCLAIMER: Satisfied taste buds are included free with every purchase.

Red Cream Soda

A creamy vanilla flavor with a fruity finish. Our Red Cream Soda is an exciting, vibrantly colored drink that is sure to entice guests of every size, age, color, or creed as the sounds of clinking bottles bring the room together.


Nothing will remind you of freshly sliced pineapple like a bottle of our refreshing Pineapple. This tropical treat will transport you to faraway places, primarily those made of sand, ocean, and palm trees.

Kiwi Strawberry

Like salt and pepper, strawberry and kiwi are a perfect matrimony of fruitful proportions. And nowhere is this marriage more alive than in a bottle our own Kiwi Strawberry Soda. Best enjoyed with a smile.


As REM will tell you, orange is the most classic fruit to enjoy in soda form. Our Orange Soda lives up to its destiny as a delightfully refreshing drink with a real Valencia orange flavor.

Black Cherry

Our Black Cherry Soda is the dark child of the litter. In a flavor that can only be described as rich, this deep, mysterious drink will pull you in with it's soothing taste of real cherries.

Pink Grapefruit

Our Pink Grapefruit Soda turns into a giddy explosion of citrus goodness the moment it hits your mouth. A cold beverage to make you feel warm, one sip will turn you as pink as your drink!

Root Beer

The classic: a small liquid volume of soda perfection. Our handcrafted Root Beer is brewed with the care and passion that is usually reserved for fine art. Fine art, however, doesn't go nearly as well with ice cream.


Our Sarsaparilla Soda could be described as akin root beer, that is if root beer spoke in cowboy poetry and carried a pocketbook Emerson. This old fashioned bottle of bite will saddle you up with strong flavor.

Cream Soda

Cream Soda is the the rival brother of root beer. Despite their differences, they have something in common: a classic taste for the ages. This smooth vanilla and caramel flavor will remind you what brotherly love is all about.


An all-natural taste and a refreshing bite make our Grapefruit Soda a mouthful of happiness that you just won't be able to resist. The citrus-base and mildly bitter finish of real grapefruit make every sip a little taste of sunshine.


It would take longer to list the ways that blueberries aren't good for you, rather than the ways that they are. The same could be said for all the ways our Blueberry Soda will make your tastebuds feel amazing.


Ambrosia is an old Greek word that means "food for the gods." In modern day English-speak, this directly translates to Custom Soda Labels' Grape Soda. True story. One sip, and you'll swear it was even grown on the vines of Olympus.