valentines day dinner setupSure, it may be a month away, but Valentine’s Day is coming sooner than you think! And if you really want to surprise your Valentine this year, it’s a good idea to start planning early. Here are four great ways you can surprise your love this year—beyond getting him or her the traditional flowers and chocolate.

Serve breakfast in bed.

This is a longstanding tradition in romance for good reason: it’s extremely thoughtful, and it is always a welcome surprise. All you have to do is make sure you wake up before your spouse or partner. Put together a beautiful array on a serving tray—you might include a delicious baked good, pancakes, toast, fresh fruit, juice, coffee or tea, flowers, and/or a morning crossword. Add a thoughtful love note for a special touch.

Create a “you-themed” dinner.

One great way to surprise your love is to create a special dinner themed after the two of you. Make dinner at home—a special dish or two that reminds you of your relationship. It could be a dish you enjoyed together on your first date, or even simply pancakes with your names spelled out in chocolate chips. Scatter the table with photos of you two, and make letter-shaped cookies to spell out a special message for your love. You get the idea. For the beverage, we, of course, suggest our personalized Valentine’s Day sodas! (Our Valentine’s Day dinner infographic has some more essential tips for the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner, by the way.)

Put together a scavenger hunt.

For something a little more adventurous, you could put together a little scavenger hunt. Start it off with a special love note, which will contain a clue as to where your love can find clue #2. Keep the clues going until they reach the final destination. The surprise could be their Valentine’s Day gift, tickets to whatever plans you have for the evening, etc. Just make sure the clues are personal and easy enough to keep the scavenger hunt going!

Give them a heart attack (not literally).

“Heart attack” your love by leaving a bunch of paper hearts somewhere they will find them, such as on their bathroom mirror, in the kitchen, on the front door, or even in a gift box. Write something thoughtful on each one, such as traits you love about them or favorite memories you have with them.