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Personalize our wide variety of pre-made templates with text photos and color options as well as the soda flavor you would like.

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Personalize our wide variety of pre-made templates with text photos and color options as well as the soda flavor you would like.

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Popular Pre-Made Customizable Wedding Templates

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  1. Template 1

    Template 1

    This custom label template features a beautiful lace floral and paisley pattern. This elegant style lends itself to many purposes. It can be used to let a special someone know you care, make a romantic announcement, or be the perfect accompaniment for the center piece at a reception. If there is a special someone in your life, take the time to offer a personalized gift that is also a fun keepsake. Learn More
  2. Template 30

    Template 30

    Strike the perfect balance between elegance and fun with this custom label template. Featuring a smooth, classy border design with a space to put your name alongside a personalized photo, this label will be sure to put that extra personal stamp on a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner, or look great as a keepsake for family or close friends to remember your special day. Take the time to customize your own elegant label and give your honored wedding guests another way to celebrate this special time with you! Learn More
  3. Template 29

    Template 29

    This sweet and simple custom soda label features an elegant banner label that you can customize with your newly shared name. With it's subtle, yet colorful design, you'll be able to put that extra personal stamp on your wedding festivities and provide a fun keepsake for family and close friends to remember your special day. Customize your own elegant label Learn More
  4. Template 27

    Template 27

    Get the word out in a whole new way! With this classic, invitation-style custom soda label, you'll have the option of giving neat gift and keepsake to family and close friends while also inviting them to celebrate your special day. Depending on how you choose to personalize your label, it might also function as a thank you gift, or a fun handout at a bridal shower. The possibilities are endless. Customize your own custom soda label! Learn More
  5. Template 26

    Template 26

    This soda label features a customized, elegant wine-label style logo set to a diagonal pinstripe background. Add a personal touch of elegance and style to a wedding, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner. Leave your guests with something that's fun, Leave a lasting impression on your guests with something that's fun and fresh. Customize your own elegant label Learn More
  6. Template 17

    Template 17

    Capture the romantic mystique of photo-noir with this unique label. The bold modern lettering and stark layout create an ambiance of edgy elegance. The updated look is a classy homage to the bygone romantic era of Bogart and Bergman. Make your wedding announcement a piece of memorabilia that speaks as a love story for the ages. Learn More
  7. Template 16

    Template 16

    Romantic is all that is needed to describe this minimalist style label. The vibrant color of the flowers contrasts sharply with the solid white background. The eye is naturally flows up along the simple stems, then us pulled to the unique texturing of the buds, and is finally thrust up toward the names at the top. Make a declaration of union, an announcement for celebration, or a unique commemoration of love with this modern looking label. Learn More
  8. Template 13

    Template 13

    A simple, elegant and personalized way to make your big announcement or fun keepsake for your wedding. This label has classic features like banners and vines, but with a modern updated feel. It also has room for a photo so you can add an extra special, personal touch. Learn More
  9. Template 4

    Template 4

    Use this custom label template to make a very personalized announcement. Feature an image that represents you as a couple, or use a portrait that will be fun to look back on years down the road. This label has a classic soda appeal that makes it practical for a fun formal announcement or an invite to a relaxed celebration. Learn More
  10. Template 3

    Template 3

    A variation on one of our classic looking organic designs. This label features a floral like vine border that serves as a frame for your romantic message. Use this label to make a keepsake out of your big announcement that you, friends and family will cherish with fun memories. Learn More

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