fall cider on wooden table with applesLooking for some fun and family-friendly drink ideas to add to your festivities this Thanksgiving? Here are six different (and delicious!) ideas for some inspiration.

Cranberry Apple Cider

For a Thanksgiving twist on a delicious fall classic, consider adding cranberry to a traditional warm apple cider recipe. If you’re making apple cider in the crockpot, for example, you might simmer apple juice, some orange juice, cinnamon sticks, and cloves with some added cranberry juice and handfuls of cranberries.

Sparkling Cranberry Punch

For a drink that puts a little more focus on the cranberry, try making a simple sparkling cranberry punch. Combine equal parts cranberry juice and pineapple or orange juice and then add ginger ale or lemon-lime soda until you achieve your desired flavor. For added dimension, throw in some lemon slices, lime slices, orange slices, and frozen cranberries.

Apple Pie Punch

Why not take a favorite Thanksgiving dessert and turn it into a fun and tasty drink for the holiday? For a non-alcoholic version, combine some cold apple cider with ginger ale in more or less equal proportions, and add a little white grape juice or pear nectar to add more dimension to the flavor. Toss in some diced apples for a decorative and delicious touch.

Cranberry-Orange Infused Water

Water is still preferred by many at the dinner table, so consider making your water option a little more festive by infusing some classically autumn flavors. Prepare a large pitcher of ice water and then add several slices of fresh oranges, along with several handfuls of fresh cranberries. Let the mixture “steep” for about half an hour to let the flavors infuse.

Pumpkin Hot Chocolate

For something a little more desserty, you can try making pumpkin hot chocolate at home—sure to be a fall favorite. Making pumpkin hot chocolate at home is simpler than you might think; simply heat about a quart of milk on low heat and then add about a cup of fresh or canned pumpkin puree, mixing well. Then, add some vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar to flavor as desired. Let the mixture simmer for a few minutes, and then stir in about ⅓ cup of semisweet chocolate chips. Let the mixture simmer for another five minutes or so, whisk well to finish, and then top with whipped cream to serve. Yum!

Festive Sodas

And finally, of course, festive sodas in fun Thanksgiving colors like orange and yellow make for a great addition to any Thanksgiving gathering. To make your sodas especially festive, try selecting color-appropriate flavors like orange, pineapple, cream soda, and root beer, and opt for festive Thanksgiving labels like our Happy Thanksgiving label.